Lene Baadsvig Ørmen

ISCA Gallery 

You start swimming. Your lungs try to breathe in tune with your arms, drawing in air every time you reach the surface. That's how you persevere. As a semi-aquatic mammal. You feverishly call on Taweret, fabulating on submission and humility. Your skin feels too thin in water. You regret not introducing yourself to the deities until now. Can you submit without losing yourself?

The exhibition «LOON» revolves around a glitch, an unsettling event where a body was incapable to connect with vital natural instincts. Playing with wildlife dramaturgy in other species and the whispers from an exhausted consciousness, Lene Baadsvig Ørmen further retrieves surrealistic fragments evoked in steel elements and pictorial concrete sheets. With an underlying glance towards the anthropocentric perspective, the pieces jumps in and out of flatness, moving between the irrational mind and concrete matter.

Excerpts from press release / ISCA Gallery / 2024



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