Lene Baadsvig Ørmen

Coast Contemporary

in collaboration with
Peder Simonsen


A site-specific installation inside the monastery ruins at Hovedøya, in Oslo. The monastery was founded in 1147 and dissolved in 1532, just before the Reformation. The sound originates from the recordings of an aluminum plate, similar to those used for the sculptures. The frequencies we hear are all harmonies numerically related to the fundamental tone from this, and the three sculptures figures as resonance chambers where the materiality of each individual helps to determine both the tonal starting point and the selected frequencies which are emphasized. Loudspeakers are placed inside the sculptures and create an auditory web of vibrations invisibly connecting them. The viewer can walk between the sculptures and experience their harmonious and vibrating interactions, and discover the sonic character of each sculpture.

«AA11XXX» hints towards a ritual experience or perhaps a new form of contemporary cosmology. The title refers to a standard code for unalloyed aluminum. The material naturally belongs to a different era than the monastery ruins, and points in the installation towards a non-linear understanding of time, where the experience of time and space can be stretched and overlap.

Excerpts from exhibition text / Coast Contemporary / 2020



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